Selling your car is fun!

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Looping is a platform for selling cars in a quick and efficient way. Looping came to us for a brand identity to highlight their new ambition and vision.

The challenge

Our tactic

The result

Our idea was to make the process of selling your car both effortless and fun. That’s why we came up with Looping and aimed to make it the most innovative and fun platform available for selling everyone’s vehicle.

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We’re creating an intuitive design system for Looping with bright color palette and modern typography for an instant brand recognition. Photography also makes a great sense to how Looping communicates, so we decided to make a custom photoshoot together with Looping team to highlight the friendly and fun dynamic of the company. To keep up with the bold and fun vibe we’re creating, we make sure the writing and tone of voice casual and cheeky.

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