Apple Vision Pro: The Future of Spatial Computing

Tiemen Molendijk

June 21, 2023

The Apple Vision Pro, a revolutionary mixed reality headset, made its debut on June 5, 2023, during WWDC. By merging virtual reality and augmented reality, the Apple Vision Pro offers a unique experience known as mixed reality, setting it apart from its counterparts that solely focuses on virtual reality. Today we will tell you more about what the future will hold for Mixed Reality.

The Vision Pro is what we would call a Spatial Computer. It’s a headset that seamlessly combines digital images with the physical world, and thus it creates an immersive computing experience. So, for example, you don’t just see an app and widgets through the headset, but you also see what you would normally see when looking into your room. This means you are not isolated from the outside world. Hence why it’s called Mixed Reality.

But what exactly is spatial computing?

In essence, it combines the techniques of VR and AR. When wearing an MR headset, you remain connected to the real world while digital imagery is overlaid through AR. This opens up new possibilities in various sectors, for example education, for acquiring traditional knowledge and skills. 

What impact will this have on our future?

In education, the Apple Vision Pro has the potential to revolutionize the way students learn. For instance, it can simulate technical subjects in vocational education. It offers the opportunity to enhance remote learning, breaking down barriers and fostering inclusive learning environments.

Besides that, the AR and VR applications of the Apple Vision Pro can bring significant benefits to the healthcare industry. Medical professionals can utilize this technology for virtual training, enabling them to practice complex procedures in a controlled and risk-free environment. On the other hand, patients can benefit from immersive experiences like virtual reality meditation, reducing stress and improving their mental well-being.

The future implications of these advancements are overwhelming, exciting, and also intriguing. There is already more within reach than you might think, and getting involved is becoming increasingly accessible. At Kemari we work on Virtual and Augmented Reality cases for clients almost every day! Curious to explore how we can assist you in the realm of Mixed/Extended Reality? Feel free to contact us today!