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How do we ensure that the new product group of TV stands, consisting of the Quadrod and Tripod, successfully resonate with the public? From product innovation to leading position in the international market as a replacement for 'normal' TV furniture.


Thanks to the use of authentic content via (micro) influencers, we have been able to inspire the target group and increase online engagement. This has led to the growth of the product group within the One For All range into a leading position in the market.

By looking beyond just influencers in our desired segment, but also involving emerging content creators (photographers and videographers) from other countries in marketing, we were able to increase the quality of the content and reduce costs.

The content created was shared via the (mico) influencer's account and advertised by One For All within the desired target groups and countries. This provides a more personal and authentic approach where we were able to control the campaigns ourselves.

32 countries worldwide
Viewed by millions
Worldwide ambassadors network
User generated content

An important aspect of online validation is the use of a new product. By setting up “house stories” and giving people a stage to tell how the product improves their lifestyle, supported by reviews, we ensure mutual influence. In addition, the content was also shared by the creators themselves.

From product innovation to the leading product group in two years.

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