A garden is a very personal thing!

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How do you inspire consumers to transform their garden and see Tuinvisie as the partner for gardening projects?


The primary goal of the campaign was to encourage people to look at their garden again. This was best achieved by implementing a trigger in the entire marketing process, namely “Which garden are you?”. By linking a garden to a personal character, you personify a generic product.
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By playing with different types of gardens, you get the target group thinking and ensures a rehabilitation of their current garden. Is the garden we have really the garden that I am? The campaign also generates relevant data for product and marketing segmentation.

In a market where many online providers focus on product conversions and innovations, we want to make things more personal. A garden is more than just a “product”; it's the place where people come together, relax, let their kids play, and even spend winter evenings. Every person has unique wishes and needs for their garden. With the national campaign, we have managed to achieve more than 14,000 completed garden tests.

Thijs Mensink
Creative director at KEMARI®

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